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Bleki & Blackie
Funeral Director

We are here to relieve families’ unnecessary burdens during their bereavement.

Why Choose Us

Bereaved families need not worry about arranging death certificates, booking of busses, arranging grave diggers, etc. If there is no one to officiate funeral we arrange preachers and singing groups. We make the day a memorable one.

We are available to be called out for the removal of the deceased on a 24 hour basis, and to give telephonic advice and support to the bereaved at all. In other respects we operate during normal business hours between 08h00 – 17h00.

Bleki and Blackie caskets

We offer a variety of services mainly:

Funeral Services

Funeral Services

We take care of everything, from arranging the death certificate.
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Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover

Get covered with one of our funeral policies for a peace mind.
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We have a variety of coffins and caskets to choose from.
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