Get To Know Us


Bleki & Blackie Funeral Directors

Bleki & Blackie Funeral Directors was established in 2007, previously known as Shalom Funeral Directors. B & B is based in Port Elizabeth but operates throughout the country. This company was established in order to relieve families’ unnecessary burdens during their bereavement. Observing how busy families could be when arranging the burial of their loved one’s this led the director to come up with this motto, “GO HOME, REST AND MOURNE THE DEATH OF YOUR LOVED ONE, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING”.

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The Bleki & Blackie Difference

Bereaved families need not worry about arranging death certificates, booking of busses, arranging grave diggers, etc. If there is no one to officiate funeral we arrange preachers and singing groups. We make the day a memorable one.

We are available to be called out for the removal of the deceased on a 24 hour basis, and to give telephonic advice and support to the bereaved at all reasonable times. In other respects we operate during normal business hours between 08h00 – 17h00.